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About Deborah Purtell Designs

Always a needlepointer, Deborah Purtell has introduced hundreds of painted canvas belts, Christmas ornaments, dog collars, cell phone or camera cases, frames, bag fronts, key chains and more over the past several years.

When our first child went off to college, I could not find a school belt to stitch for him.  So I designed one.  And then I designed a golf belt for my husband and a flip flop design for our daughter.  And that was the begining of my creating both custom and original designs. Due to word of mouth, demands for my custom work increased dramatically as I began to create a number of "life belts" along with other personalized projects. I love vibrant colors and classic preppy images and incorporate these in my work. Many of my ideas originate during travels with the family.

Hopefully, you enjoy looking at all of the designs as much as I have enjoyed painting and creating them.

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